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Circuit day Zandvoort wednesday july 24 th 2013

This circuit day is open to all models of cars.
The maximum number of decibels allowed is (will be put here)
There are a limited amount of places, so enroll quickly.
The enrollment fee is € 325.
To ensure control on the circuit only 2 drivers per race car will be allowed.
Included in the fee are two passengers only, for each following passenger € 15.- will be charged.
Please complete the registration form fully; the name of the second driver needs to be filled in by ‘comments’.
The enrollment is valid only when the full fee is transferred to the bank account of the B.M.W. circuit club.
Terms: All cars must be optically and technically in very good condition.
If you have any doubt you can contact Ed d’ Hondt 06 50271855 or Robin Topee 0629028676
All cars will be inspected.
The Board has the right to refuse a racing car, or the enrollment of a racing car at any time.
Safety requirements: Proper crash helmets, safety belts, fire extinguisher 2 kg. fitted securely.
Recommended: roll cage, fireproof overall.
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